How Interdisciplinary Thinking Can Make You More Creative (And A Better Leader)!

Join Julio Mario Ottino on 'Thinking on Paper' with Jeremy Gilbertson and Mark Fielding

“Why the convergence of disciplines is critical and essential to tackling the complexity of the world.”

To lead in today’s world, it’s essential you understand complexity, see simplicity in it, and synthesize opposing viewpoints. But where do you start? This week’s guest is Julio Ottino. thought leader, scientist, author and former Dean of engineering and applied science at North western University. Julio was the co-founder and director of the North western Institute on Complex Systems. He’s a Fellow of the American Physical Society and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He’s in the “One Hundred Engineers of the Modern Era” curated by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, has been a Guggenheim Fellow and is a member of both the National Academy of Engineering and the National Academy of Sciences, as well as the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. His research work is centered on chaos theory and complex systems. His Book Nexus, Augmented Thinking for a Complex World, is available where books are sold. We very excited to augment our thinking.

Discover the world of nexus thinking

In this provocative and visually striking book, Julio Mario Ottino and Bruce Mau offer a guide for navigating the intersections of art, technology, and science.