Perspectives on art, science, and technology


Today’s complex problems demand a radically new way of thinking — one in which art, technology, and science converge to expand our creativity and augment our insight. Learn how to navigate the intersections of art, technology, and science with these insightful perspectives.

How Can We Help People Understand Complex Systems?

Navigating creativity in the complex terrain of market forces

How Is Creativity Influenced by Market Forces?

Navigating creativity in the complex terrain of market forces

How To Augment Your Lens To Understand How Others Think

The art of understanding diverse thought processes in collaborative environments

Universities: Flawed But Still Engines of Ideas

What companies envy from universities and what universities must do to evolve

How Setbacks and Constraints Enhance Your Creativity

Pathways to enhanced creativity and innovation


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A.I. : Amazing Possibilities Lie Ahead

But beware the hidden dangers of prediction without understanding

Can A.I. Help You Ask Transformational Questions? Not yet.

Creativity and questions, prediction and understanding: thoughts on A.I. as an assistant

Want Creativity? Learn to Use Tension and Chaos

How tension and chaos can enable creative collaborations

Can One Engineer Explosions of Creativity?

Strategies for fostering emergence in organizations

The Art of Mixing with an Admixture of Art

Pioneering theoretical and experimental contributions to the fluid mechanics of mixing

The Nexus: Augmented Thinking for a Complex World

Nuevos Horizontes podcast, New Books Network en español with Julio M. Ottino and Natalia Bustos

The Rules of Attraction

Winning the talent war by fostering creativity and innovation

"A Magazine" – Science and Invention

Innovation requires a whole-brain approach

Could Artificial Intelligence Have Invented Cubism?

AI's role in pioneering originality within art and design

Reconnecting Art and Science in the Classroom

Blending art and science in education opens the door to innovative thinking

How the Other Side Thinks

What art and engineering can learn from each other

Discover the world of nexus thinking

In this provocative and visually striking book, Julio Mario Ottino and Bruce Mau offer a guide for navigating the intersections of art, technology, and science.