Reconnecting Art and Science in the Classroom

Blending art and science in education opens the door to innovative thinking

The Art of Mixing with an Admixture of Art: Fluids, Solids and Visual Imagination

Although creativity is often equated with art, it is just as present in science and technology

Granular Matter as a Window into Collective Systems Far from Equilibrium, Complexity, and Scientific Prematurity

Granular matter serves as a prototype of collective systems far from equilibrium and can be used to exemplify many concepts now associated with nonlinear dynamics and complex systems

The Art of Mixing with an Admixture of Art: Viewing Creativity Through P. V. Danckwerts's Early Work

P. V. Danckwerts's work provides a springboard for an examination of issues dealing with creativity in research and acceptance of new viewpoints

Special Seminar: Thoughts on Jules Henri Poincaré

Jules Henri Poincaré, as a polymath, revolutionized chaos theory and mathematics

Engineering, Humanities, and the Nexus

Explore the intersection of engineering and humanities

Is a Picture Worth 1,000 Words?

Exciting new illustration technologies should be used with care

Engineering Complex Systems

The emergent properties of complex systems are far removed from the traditional preoccupation of engineers with design and purpose

Putting Chaos to Work

Chaos is usually something to avoid, but it might come in handy for mixing industrial composites as quickly and efficiently as possible