The Art of Mixing with an Admixture of Art

Pioneering theoretical and experimental contributions to the fluid mechanics of mixing

The Society of Engineering Science (SES) awarded Julio Mario Ottino the prestigious 2023 G.I. Taylor Medal for his innovative theoretical and experimental contributions to fluid mechanics in the field of mixing. Recognizing his exceptional work, SES celebrated Julio Mario Ottino at their 2023 Annual Meeting in Minneapolis this October, where they also organized a special symposium in his honor.

As a renowned global organization, the SES consists of eminent engineers, scientists, and mathematicians who are committed to advancing the intersection of engineering, sciences, and mathematics.

This event occurred from October 8-11, 2023, during the 60th Annual Meeting of the Society of Engineering Science in Minneapolis, MN.

Discover the world of nexus thinking

In this provocative and visually striking book, Julio Mario Ottino and Bruce Mau offer a guide for navigating the intersections of art, technology, and science.